Processed Foods

IADFAC has serviced a range of processed foods industries, some of which as detailed below:

 Beverage industry including aerated and fruit drinks.

 Baby/ Bakery/ Biscuit industry.

 Chocolate and Confectionery industry.

 Frozen food manufacturers.

 Fruit-based industry.

 Gherkin processors/ exporters.

 Instant food industry.

 Spices-based industry including Masala mixes.

 Snacks and Savouries.

 Supari / Ghutka.

 Vegetable/ Vegetable product industry.

Analysis for the above industries has ranged from basic proximate analysis to nutrition labeling, shelf life studies, microbial analysis and pathogen studies.

However IADFAC is willing to explore other paradigms of analysis based on the customers requirement as and when the need arises.


Over 30 Milk Unions in India have been serviced by IADFAC. Besides routine analysis and implementation of HACCP for the same, NDDB recognises IADFAC as a privileged partner in coordinated research projects.

Food Service Establishments

IADFAC has formulated sampling schedules with a number of restaurants, caterers, and food courts, pantries of software/multinational, public sector companies and the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

The effort has been to sensitize this segment on food quality and analyse periodically to ensure non-contamination or spoilage. Sampling includes both raw and cooked foods – the tests have varied from microbial profiling to identification of several food borne pathogens.

Corporate Hygiene

IADFAC has been on contract with several corporate kitchens. The lab has undertaken hygiene audits, suggested remedial corrections and continues to test random samples for quality on a periodic basis. In some cases, companies have chosen to devise a systematic all-year-round schedule ensuring that their food handlers undergo training periodically.

Importers & Exporters

A number of food exporters have contacted IADFAC to build their documentation on testing of their products. This has helped export industries provide evidence to custom officials and other authorities about quality of their product. The services here range from nutrition labelling in accordance with requirements of the destination country (in case of an exporter) or tests to check compliance with FSSAI (in case of importers).

Certified Agencies

Two of the countries best-known certifying agencies for HACCP, ISO and other quality systems have identified IADFAC as their trusted analytical partner. This testifies for IADFAC’s technical competence.

Packaged Drinking Water

With awareness about water quality amongst customers rising, industries are waking up to the need to outsource product quality testing on a regular basis. IADFAC services the packaged drinking water industry to comply with this demand.